Distilled passion:

When delicious fruits become a pleasurable experience

High proof pleasure in your glass

Discover the Felsenriss Distillery at Völlan/Lana

Take local, fully ripe fruit from the parents' farm, put it in a wood-fired copper kettle, heat it up and let it be checked and refined by the fine nose of South Tyrol's youngest distiller... the results are charismatic fruit brandies and distillates that taste of pure fruit: exactly the one that is written on the bottle.

Williams pear. Quince. Raspberry. Apricot.

These are just some of the fruits that I put in the bottle.

Our products

I have the right nose...

... because the art of distilling was practically laid in my cradle

You're probably wondering what the youngest distiller in South Tyrol is all about, so here's some brief information about me: My name is Markus Mauracher, I come from Girlan and yes, I founded my own distillery at the age of 26. With me, however, there is a good or burning reason for it: the art of distillation was put into my cradle by my parents. At the Fischerhof distillery, a small farm where I grew up, I learned early on to develop a sense of pleasure and to create high-proof spirits. So I soon knew that this was my passion and that I wanted to become a distiller.


The sense of pleasure began at the Fischerhof distillery in Girlan...

… and now bears fruit in the Felsenriss in Völlan

The history

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